BiggBossTelugu2 Full List Of contestants celebrity & Common Man

BiggBossTelugu2 All List Of contestants celebrity & Common Man

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 premiered yesterday (June 10). In the first episode, the reality show introduced its contestants to the viewers. Nani welcomed all the participants in his signature style. As expected, the Bigg Boss house has a good mix of celebrities and chosen commoners, this time around. Here is the full and final list of contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 2:

  1. Geetha Madhuri

This popular playback singer was the first contestant to enter the Bigg Boss house. Geetha made an entry with a rendition of her popular numbers. Nani offered a tongue-in-cheek welcome to Geetha.

singer-geetha-madhuri bigg boss telugu2. AMITH TWIVARI Actor

The popular supporting actor was the second celebrity contestant to enter the Bigg Boss house. In no time, he earned the title “the official Bell Boy of Bigg Boss 2”.

3. DEEPTI(TV9) News Reader

This actress-radio jockey-journalist entered the Bigg Boss house on a high. With the wishes of her family, Deepthi makes an optimistic entry into the second season of Bigg Boss.

4. TANISH Actor

The popular actor and old friend of Nani was the third celebrity contestant to enter the Bigg Boss house.


5. BABU GOGINENI Rationalist

This popular human rights activist was the fourth contestant. Expressing his respect for Babu, Nani called his audio visual as the “sweetest AV of the episode”. Nani looked moved by Babu’s family and the kind gesture of Babu’s mother. And as expected, Babu kicked off the season 2 with his ‘rational’ arguments.

6. BHANU SREE Actress

Bhanu played the body double for Tamannaah in Baahubali. She was yet another contestant in Bigg Boss 2. She is one of the most underrated contestants in the current season.

7. ROLL RIDA Singer

He is a talented singer and rapper who entered Bigg Boss house with a promise to entertain everyone. His introductory performance featuring Mumaith Khan alongside was attention-grabbing.

8. SYAMALA Anchor

This popular TV host and actress stepped into the Bigg Boss house with the support of her husband. She confessed she’d miss her 11-month old son, Ishaan. However, she promised to make him and her family proud.

9. KIREETI Actor

He is a talented actor whom Nani called the ‘Official Pellikoduku of TFI’ because of the numerous bridegroom roles he has played. Kireeti hopes that contesting in Bigg Boss will enhance his decision making skills.

10. DEEPTI SUNAINA Dubsmasher and youtuber

Unlike her other inmates, this popular Instagrammer made a cute and colorful entry into the Bigg Boss house. On a funnier note, Nani inquired Deepthi’s age first. She had to prove her proficiency in Telugu to enter the house.

11. Kaushal

This model-actor and fitness freak made an entry into the Bigg Boss house on an optimistic note. He pinned all his hopes upon the gym in the house, planning to manage despite improper diet intake.

Kaushal telugu bigg boss

12. Samrat Reddy

This popular actor was introduced as the thirteenth contestant of Bigg Boss 2. He mingled with his inmates within no time.Samrat Reddy bigg boss telugu 2

Ganesh was introduced as the first contestant from the common man category. He is an engineering graduate and ex-radio jockey from Vijayawada. Basically a foodie, Ganesh hopes to make it big in Bigg Boss Telugu 2.Ganesh bigg boss telugu

14. Sanjana Anne
Sanjana Anne, the second contestant from the common man category, is a model and ‘Miss Hyderabad’ pageant winner. Hailing from Vijayawada, Sanjana doesn’t quite believe in the celebrity and non-celebrity divide. Sanjana believes that one need not act to be popular. She wishes to achieve glory on her own terms.

16. Nutan Naidu
Nutan Naidu was the third chosen commoner in Bigg Boss 2. A social worker by profession, Nutan Naidu left a lucrative job to pursue his passion of service to the society. Hard work and discipline are the two virtues Nutan believes in. However, the first episode proves that life is not going to be simple for him in the Bigg Boss house.






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