Bigg Boss 2 Telugu! Nani or Junior NTR –who is a better host?

Time to vote! Junior NTR or Nani – Who do you prefer as the host on Bigg Boss season two Telugu?

Bigg Boss two Telugu! Nani or Junior NTR – who do you think is a better host?
The first season of Bigg Boss Telugu was quite hit and that we need to give its credit to superstar Junior NTR, WHO ensured to light up every episode along with his style and wit. I mean, no seriously! The approach he would casually move with the contestants, yet remain unbiased are some things that not each host is capable of pull it of. and also the reality the audience love him therefore categorically more value-added on to the TRPs of the show. Indeed, there couldn’t are a higher choice than boy NTR to kickstart Bigg Boss in Telugu…until Nani stepped in because the new host for the second season that began yesterday.

Although at first folks weren’t able to settle for Nani in Junior NTR’s shoes for Bigg Boss Telugu season two but having watched the first episode last night, many seem to be in awe of Nani. After all, he’s no less when it involves winning over the audience along with his smile and charm. Also, he was a RJ before becoming an actor so the power to stay the audience engaged comes naturally to him. however after all, we wish to know your honest opinion. when having watched the primary episode of Bigg Boss Telugu two, does one feel Nani is doing a decent job as boy NTR’s replacement? Or does one miss Jr NTR? choose the given box below:

Who may be a higher host – Jr NTR or Nani?

For those of you WHO don’t know, the reason why Junior NTR has been replaced by Nani is because the former is pretty caught up with his forthcoming films – his next with Trivikram Srinivas and one SS Rajamouli directorial, during which he will be seen sharing screen space with Ram Charan Teja for the primary time ever. It’ll be interesting to know what boy NTR thinks of Nani as his replacement.

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