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  1. congrats kaushal.

    he deserved the title as he is only one contestant in the house who has played with lot of zeal and the fighting spirit must be appluaded when rest of the house mates cornered him and tejaswi has showed her true character once more by not wishing kaushal nor speaking to him while every one has wished one anther

  2. Kushal lanti chendalamaina character vunnavadiki ela estharu big boss titel big boss ki theliyatledha andharitho nannu nominate cheyakunda vunte meku bayatakivellaka adhi chestha edhi chestha ani beralu adina worst fellow ki ela estharu titel mer

  3. Big boss game is ok but it’s better if such program is run with 10 fresh engineers, farmers, scholars, etc…. So that they can atleast invent some thing new useful to the society. And so called koushal army…. Did you ever fight for any dead policemen or soldiers who gave their lives for people like us…. What message you want to give to society. It’s clearly understood that your army is well planned otherwise you would have done this for each and every problem in our country. Petrol hikes, supporting soldiers, politician issues, scams, government benefits, taxation, etc., would appreciate if you people create as many accounts as possible for these issues also that would rather help the nation.

  4. This show i was watching from 1st episode to till now as per my opinion if a person is good in his zone some people will give good comments and more will give negetive comments comming to big boss show some people are good at some times and bad at some times every people who are bad at some time are out of this show except koushal who was bad at most times and i dont know how he is getting that much voting percentage even if he bad at most times if koushal wins this show i will not belive that people voting was done on watching the show …….sorry if i hurt some people but its my openion, truth was not balanced for now waiting for the moment truth will win in finale or not

  5. What Kaushal said is 100% true regarding relationship in the house.deepthi Amma story is total fake. She started playing only after shymala was evicted . Her behaviour was totally different with shymala when she returned back. Many ppl are culprit of the fake relationship shown in the house. We can see close ppl getting irritated when others ditch them within themselves. None other than Kaushal could have come up to this level if groupissm and targeting is done on them

  6. Why is big boss show supporting Kaushal very much, he speaks very rudely about other contestants but Nani does n,t speak a word about it. If any other contestants speaks one word about koushal it is being highlighted. Is big boss organisation fake ,as it is getting lots of votes for koushal, is it supporting him. Such a disgusting person Kaushal is, but still the other contestants are not cornering him, but again n again he insults them. Kaushal behaves very meanly with others n keeps himself in a pathetic situation n tries to gain sympathy votes. this is clearly understood by only those who watch big boss regularly. you cannot judge some one by seeing a 5 minutes cornered situation in u tube. I’m a working woman but still i spare my time for big boss show but this Kaushal army is becoming indigestible for me. .if Kaushal wins big boss title. I will never watch the show again. So please , be honest and don’t be partial to Kaushal at least in this last week. If he wins no one will think bbig boss is a reality show.

  7. Campaign cheyandra babu ante!!except Kashual Enti ra babu me safe game? Y not others ante? Okadina proper ga chepara? Babayoye…. me safe game lu chudaleka chasthunam.Hands of to you Kashual . Your the best and capability person for this game show

  8. Kushal kukka anesi e Saturday nani emantado ani alochinchukoni kukka ane padanaki meaning create chesi evaru imagine cheyani vidamga ika nundi evaraina edaina anesi aa word ki meaning create chesestaru this is not always he is trying he only correct this not good kaushal

  9. Second season has been a big failure…As in case of Host too…Nani Garu lost his fame as well.he is not a Natural Star anymore.. selection of Participants has been a disaster… Request not to make next season…We have stopped watching from the mid of this season….NTR Garu has made a fabulous job last season and Nani Garu failed to carryon that flavour.Votings got compromised and Participants came planned outside and Host influencing voters is very unfair…It’s my own feedback….