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  1. Today’s captionship judgement is not fair, because bigboss is tell to make pyramid shape, but at judgement time there are counting with blocks.

    Roll’s one is not in the shape of pyramid.

    Bigboss u r not following your rules, it’s not good.

  2. Bigboss miru prathdi chustunnaru ga andaru koushal ni matrame anduku target chestunnaru ala cheste miru anduku adqgadam ledu nd nutan naidu Garu 2nd time game chala baga aadutunnaru koushal ki vallu matrame support alantidi atanini bayataki pampesaru okaroju samrat ni court issue mida bayataki pampina malli lopalaki techaru alage nutan garini kuda tevachu gA anduku pampinchesaru miru kuda koushal ki against ga chestunnada nd njm ga bigboss public opinion tho velte e week sunina eliminate avvali nutan vellipoina karanam ga no elimination amte matram very disappointed asalu sunina em pani chestundandi house lo anduku tanani a week Nani Garu adagadam ledu adi chese panulu asalu chinna pilla la vunnaya tanani nominations ki rakunda every week avaro okaru save chestunnaru e week vachindi bt miru nutan ni pampe kranam ga elimination apadhu plz it’s my request nd ganesh knchm tanaki gattiga warning ivvandi common man 60 days vunnadu ani headstrong akkuva indi tana way of talking inka tana panulu just we hate u e week miru tisukunedanni result batti ardham avutundhi njm ga public opinion r mi opinion ani nutan Garu unexpected ga vellaru kabatti dinini elimination lo inculd cheyadhu elimination ever week Lane continue cheyandi e week kani result maritey seriously bigboss show mida nammakam potundhi plz eliminate Deepthi sunina

  3. Wantedly Targeting Kaushal
    This means others are too weak to play.. This season is too worst no one is genuine except Kaushal …And bigboss also targets kaushal

    Nutan Naidu sudden elimination
    After his recovery he should be in the house.. If BB did this wantedly your trps will be

    If you repeat the same tasks which held in Hindi BB .. People chose to watch Hindi..Almost people will watch hindi serials like wise BB also..No change..Salman khan is far better than Nani

    Eliminate fairly

    You are saving some contestants after they r nominated which is unfair.. People will watch the show only there is happiness n genuinity

    That Sunday episode is totally unworthy..It should be discussed that week wrong things…How can you discuss 1week show in just 1:30 hrs..

    Don’t target kaushal……
    Its better that contestants should also this..

    Thank you

  4. Big boss team em cheyyalanukuntundi, andaru kalisi okka koushal ne target cheysthunte, kallu musukoni kurchunna, fair ga leni ilanti game ni realty show ani enduku anadam, koushal evaro theyliyani oka normal person kuda tani chusi badha padutunnaru, chala kopam kuda vasthondi migata valla pi na, asalu aa deepti sunaina endukundi, tana age enti, tanu maatladutunna maatalenti, family tho kalisi chudalekapotunnam, antha chetta ga maatladutunte bigboss warning enduku ivvatam ledu, e roju captan c task lo kuda antha mandi kalisi okkadine balls tho gatti ga kodutunna koushal game sprit tho aadadu, but roju roju ki game chala chetta ga tayaruvtundi, housemates andari ki game ni game la aadamanandi, koushal pi kaksha pettukoni aadadam kaadu, memem koushal army kaadu, fan kaadu, intlo tv show chusthunna oka normal person ni, ippatikaina show lo jarugutunna e anyanni aaputaru anukuntunna

  5. Now Big Boss is very happy and no elimination for deepthi sunaina.

    Wow tanish will be very happy as Sunaina is out from danger

    we want elimination on saturday and as per trending deepthi sunaina must be eliminated

  6. No .it is NOT SIMPLE to analyse KAUSAL. He maintains HIS calm nature. But he is deep. He doesn’t possess sympathy ON anyone. TOTALLY SELF centred. As a TEAM MATE ONE CAN NOT DEPEND ON HIM. He MAY CHANGE his stand ANY TIME if it BENIFITS HIM.

  7. Eliminate deepthi suniana and roll rida Donn target single person and he is kaushal and pls Donn give silly games make them think n play smart better n best

  8. I dont understand why Big boss is targeting kaushal

    3 callers have wantedly targeted kasuhal and deepthi has spoken with kaushal for more than 1 hour or even more.
    kaushal have given reply with patience and composure even though they are abusing personally and the words “chi thu” ,em pikuthunnavu”” are unpardonable where as when kaushal got a chance he never targeted tanish even though there is a chance to target.he is speaking with smile and paitence


    coming to others the way roll spoken with Nutan and cheated is not at all accepatable. Is there any etiquettes?Is this is the way any call center representative speaks with customers and how can deepthi eat while eating?have u seen any call center?does deepthi know how to speak to customers?does she know what are do’s and dont’s?

    coming to geetha finally when roll cheated nutan , she made fun of kaushal saying we got a point and kaushal raised one genuine point that how can roll raida say publicly that he has been disconnecting phone by plaving on other receiver.geetha saying kaushal, that he got line disturbed and how can you bluff?

    here kaushal raised one genuine and kaushal never stopped talking nor disconnected call nor cheated.

    what happened to geetha?has she lost control of her self?

    if any one is in kaushl place yesterday and the way geetha, ganesh and deepthi sunaina spoken by targeting personally, others would have had tears in there eyes and accepted the defeat in call center task.

    if geetha is there, she would have cried like any thing as we all know that her behaviour is childish behaviour

    warn geetha and we want unconditional apology from deepthi sunaina and geetha madhuri to kaushal for hurting him and targeting, abusing personally

  9. What the hell it is!
    Bharat Mata must be traditional
    We must be proud to our culture.
    But this big boss is spoiling our culture.

  10. bigg boss ur watching everything.kaushal told ganesh just one thing that is to open up of he dislikes anything or anybody behavior. For that he did too much in today’s task. If that is the case we r not happy woth the show being telecasted.he is a common man and he doesn’t even know how to brhave with a celebrity. Ganesh is not playing his game. Hr is being influenced by others and thinking hr is oversmart but hr is just overweight nothing than that. Plz eliminate him and send a wildcard if possible. He doesn’t know how to behave and he wants to become RJ. such a funny thing. I really pity him. After coming out he will not have wt he had before. He is ruining his life. Just warn him. Tell everyone to brhave properly with everyone and NJ ot to hurt any anybody’s feelings.

    • yes you are right.


      See Geetha over action today and how she behaved with kaushal is not at all accepatable

  11. Kausal is one man army of bigg boss, definitely with out kausal nothing to bigg boss , bigg boss say thanks to kausal for this season 2 .he run singly big boss .other nothing infront him in manner wise, plyaing games and sportyness in ant sense

  12. Yes the above comments r true . We r watching big boss only because of koushal. This Saturday deepthi sunanina has to leave the house. And thanish is not the correct person as a captian.only koushal is planning a very fair game