BiggBossTelugu Episode 46 Highlights | Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

BiggBossTelugu Episode 46 Highlights

Bigg Boss started in an interesting manner today. Samrat Reddy has picked up the phone and he was given three clues about a housemate but Samrat Reddy failed to recognise the housemate and it was Nandini. Nandini missed an opportunity to talk with her family members. Even though Nandini was upset she said that it was a game and took it in a sportive manner.
After a while, Samrat received another phone call and it was from Babu Gogineni’s wife. Samrat Reddy recognised it correctly and he gave the phone call to Babu Gogineni. Babu Gogineni spoke to his wife and later on, he picked up the phone call and recognised it was from Geetha Madhuri’s husband. Geetha Madhuri also spoke to her husband Nandu and became emotional.
Pooja Ramachandran was asked to perform the task to fill the timer. She performed the first talk and completed it successfully. On the second day, she was made to perform two tasks which she accomplished successfully for the housemates. Geetha Madhuri received a phone call but she could not recognise that it was from Ganesh’s family. Ganesh also missed the chance to talk to his parents. Later, she recognised another phone call for Deepthi. Deepthi spoke to her husband.
Deepthi recognised another call for Amit and Amit spoke to his wife. Later Amit recognised the call for Tanish and Tanish spoke to his mom. Tanish’s mother gave some good advice to Tanish and also told him not to pamper Deepthi Sunaina much.
Nandini, Deepthi and Ganesh could not talk to their family members. Bigg Boss offered them another opportunity to talk to their family members on some conditions. Apparently, the housemate should self-nominate for the entire season and the coming week nomination. They should also have to lose captaincy for the entire season too.
The decision of the three housemates is pending.
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