Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 28 Highlights | Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 28 Highlights

Its Time to Weekend with Nani.Nani began the episode with a positive story. Nani started to discussing the mistakes that the housemates are doing and at the same time, he also initiated the realization check for every housemate in the house.
Talking about the Lovers task, Nani cracked jokes on Roll Rida’s track. Of all the pairs, Rida and Deepthi failed to perform it nicely and hence, Nani discussed it and also congratulated all the other couples.
Nani took a class to Tejaswi for talking about the captain insultingly. Nani also discussed Samrat-Tejaswi track in the house. There was a hot discussion about the same in the house. Nani also warned Tejaswi that she is being surrendered to her weakness. He asked her to get better in the coming weeks.
The biggest surprise is Nani’s counters to Babu Gogineni in the house. Nani said that Tejaswi’s influence is evident on Babu Gogineni. He also showed the video of Babu Gogineni cheating in the captaincy task. Nani also commented that Babu would have to be blamed if Deepthi is eliminated.
Nani also tried to get clarity on the discussion that took place about Tejaswi-Samrat pair in the house. Nani also said that Samrat should start playing his game.
Nani also fired on the housemates for nominating Ganesh without any reason. Nani said that every housemate is wantedly choosing Ganesh saying that he is feeling inconvenient in the house. But Ganesh is being saved from the first week. Hence, Nani asked all the housemates to stop blaming Ganesh unnecessarily.
People from the USA made a video on Bigg Boss TV show, and it was aired on the show.
Finally, Nani announced that Ganesh and Geetha Madhuri are in the protected zone.
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