Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 18 Highlights | Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Episode 18 Highlights

Day 17 started with the announcement of the third round of generation of Sugarcane Juice. Team Yellow won the third round. With this, the first level of the game ended. Team Green earned a point while Team Yellow earned 2 points. Team Green is leading in the game. Bigg Boss announced the second level of the game but before that he issued money to the captains and they have to give it to the workers as per their capability.
The second round started and Bigg Boss gave an order of 100 Sugarcane bottles. The team captains’ planned to buy the players from the other teams. The game went on in an interesting mode. Team yellow produced 83 bottles, and Team green produced 72 bottles but both teams failed to fulfill the bottle. The immediate order was 75 Bottles. Team Green submitted 75 bottles but Team Yellow submitted 77 bottles. Yellow team won again. Yellow team’s score was 3 and Green team’s score was 2.
The task completed. Tejaswi is the winner and Kaushal is another winner. They were given a special vote privilege. The luxury budget granted and everyone can share it.

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